Halton Community Combined School

Together, our community

inspires a love of learning and

enables children to find their voice.

Our Curriculum

At Halton we seek to plan lessons that give the pupils memorable, 'hands on' experiences that stimulate them to independent learning and further enquiry. Alongside the daily, systematic teaching of skills we provide themed units that give a meaning and purpose to the children's learning, when the skills can be used with a real context and purpose.

​We try to focus on a relevant, ambitious curriculum that interests and enthuses the children, with links to the locality, visitors and hands on experiences. Relevance and enthusiasm of teachers for their curriculum ensures that SMSC is embedded in the learning and arises from the issues and experiences raised.

We are aware of the need to be clear in our intent, methods of implementation and the impact – the implementation must not cloud the intent.
The curriculum stimulus is related to encouraging the pupils’ talking, reading and writing.
Growth Mindset is embedded in the school, so that students can tackle barriers to produce work of exceptional quality.