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inspires a love of learning and

enables children to find their voice.

Bluebells (Reception)

Welcome to Reception!


We are called Bluebells, the second year group in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We enjoy creating a vibrant and stimulating environment where children are nurtured and listened to. We teach using topics as well as using the children’s interests as a vehicle for learning. The children develop good communication skills through positive interaction with adults and peers which supports them in becoming literate for life. We aim for the children to develop lively, enquiring minds with a love of learning and a lifetime of curiosity.


Each morning, the children will usually be taught literacy/phonics and maths and in the afternoons, understanding the world, PE and expressive art and design. But we are very flexible and timings and sessions change each week! The most important curriculum areas of communication and language, personal, social and emotional development and physical development are taught daily through all of our planned activities as well as discreet sessions aimed at focussing on particular areas. We follow the EYFS curriculum 2021. All these sessions are taught alongside ongoing play activities that we call 'Discovery Time'. The doors are open and the children have free access between the classroom and the outside area.

We plan a balance of opportunity for child and adult led play; practical hands on opportunities; indoor and outdoor learning; individual, small group work and class activities. 


Staff strive to promote strong links with parents to inform them about topics children will be engaged in and to help them to understand the aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Partnership with parents is very important to us and enhances the children’s learning; parents and grandparents are regularly welcomed in to class to support activities or to share special talents and interests.

Our aim is for every child to be a happy, confident, independent, risk taker; embracing new challenges with a positive mindset within a supportive and caring environment.  

Meet our Bluebells team:



Mrs Dawkins: Class teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Deputy Headteacher
 Mrs Harris: Class teacher (Thursday, Friday) and Early Years Leader
 Miss Brennan: Teaching assistant (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
 Mrs Wizard: Teaching assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)



And this is Geraldine and she helps us with our Phonics!

Day to Day Bluebells Life


Timings of the Day: 9.00am - 3.15pm

Children need to keep a spare change of clothes at school as well as wellies and slippers. We wear slippers in the classroom to keep it clean, making it a nicer place to learn and play. 

PE is on a Thursday - please come dressed in your PE clothes and trainers (no laced trainers please!)

Reading books are changed on a Tuesday

Communication diaries (purple books) are checked daily

Please bring in your book bag everyday

Please bring in a water bottle everyday (Only water in drink bottles)

We are not able to hand out any birthday sweets

Bluebells Blog

Autumn Term 2021
We have had such a fantastic Autumn Term. Our Bluebells have continued to amaze us with how well they have settled in and how they have embraced all the new learning opportunities. Friendships are being formed and the understanding of turn-taking, sharing, respecting others and voicing our own opinions and feelings is growing. 
We have been busy learning all about ourselves and our families in our topic of Super Duper Me as well as engaging with all the changes that we can see in our environment -  Autumn and Harvest.
We have enjoyed sharing many stories together and the children have also begun their journey to becoming storytellers and authors by creating their own stories. 
Our Maths has focussed on sorting, classifying, patterns and comparison of size using practical resources. We have also learnt about numbers 1-5 and all the ways to make these numbers by adding and taking away. 
We were so proud to watch them on the stage performing their Christmas songs. 
Spring Term 2022
The children have changed and grown so much this term. Independence skills and their eagerness to learn have been a particular highlight. They learnt so may facts about Space and particularly enjoyed watching footage from the International Space Station. Our topic 'Location, Location, Location' really brought out the explorers in our class! We loved our walk to the park and the woods and were amazed by some of the information we learnt about different countries from around the world. 
We have been developing the children as readers and encouraging them to use their new phonic knowledge of digraphs to decode new words. We share stories everyday and discuss the storyline, characters and settings as well as predicting what might happen next and why. 
In Maths we have been learning number bonds to 10 and exploring 3D shapes. 
For Mothers day we performed a very special song with actions that we hope you all enjoyed. 
We had a very 'eggciting' Easter egg hunt to finish off this busy term!
Summer Term 2022

This term the children will be ‘Going Green’ -  learning about the environment in which we live and why it is so important to look after our planet. We will start off by looking at the tiny creatures found in our immediate environment such as worms, ants, ladybirds, beetles, spiders, butterflies, bees, etc, we call these minibeasts. Then move on to looking at larger animals facing extinction. We will then learn about the importance of recycling and how we can help to keep our planet clean.  Please check Seesaw each week for further activities related to our class learning.