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Music of the Month

Music is important to us at Halton School and each month we choose a different genre of music to listen to. We learn about the history of the genre as well as some interesting facts to remember whilst we are listening.

Music of the month for October: Black History Month

In recognition and celebration of Black History Month, we will be listening to a wide variety of artists who have spanned the decades and made an important contribution across many different musical genres. From Rock & Roll to jazz, and from classical to blues, swing and pop. We hope that you enjoy listening to the artists that we have recommended.


Have a listen to some of these artists -:

Ray Charles

Ella Fitzgerald

Little Richard

Chuck Berry

The Jacksons

Bob Marley

James Brown

Jimi Hendrix

Aretha Franklin

Fats Domino

Scott Joplin

Louis Armstrong

Stevie Wonder