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Music of the Month

Music is important to us at Halton School and each month we choose a different genre of music to listen to. Miss Humphrys teaches us about the history of the genre as well as some interesting facts to remember whilst we are listening.

Music of the month for April: Music from around the World

Information about Music of the MonthMusic from around the World


Music from around the World


Most of the music that we listen to today is based on Western (European) cultural styles of music that have been adapted by different countries, but using similar instruments, rhythms and forms (ways of putting the music together) 

However, our World is massive, and contains a wide variety of non-Western music to enjoy, incorporating different vocal sounds, instruments and approaches.

The music of different countries has a lot to do with the cultural traditions, festivals, dances and lives of the people in those countries.  As people began to travel around the world and settle in different places, they took their music with them (to help them feel at home!) This opened up the world of music for everyone to enjoy.

Some examples of popular forms of non-European music are: -


  • Chinese Guzheng music
  • Tibetan chants
  • Eastern European folk music
  • Nordic folk music
  • Latin music
  • Indonesian music, and many forms of folk and tribal music from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central and South America (amazing rhythms!)
  • Celtic music (Scotland, Ireland and Wales)


Google some or all of these, and have a listen to how similar some are to Western music, and how very different others are! Do you recognise all of the instrumental sounds? Do all of the music types use instruments? Enjoy!