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Physical Education

Subject leader: Miss Jen Lambie.

If you have any questions regarding PE, please contact Miss Lambie via the school office.

​Children can learn valuable lessons about accepting responsibility for their personal development leading to greater self-discipline. At Halton School we do this in a variety of ways. The Year 4s help to run a lunchtime Multiskills club for the Year 1 children. The activities that they teach the Year 1s have been planned and trialled in their PE lessons, they then take on the role of Sports Leaders and run the club in the Autumn Term. In the latter part of the year, the Year 4s also help to run Sports Day. Their role involves helping lay out equipment, demonstrating the races in practise sessions, marshalling other children and the all important handing out of awards at the end of races. Without them, the day would not run as smoothly. 

PE promotes opportunities for children to be creative, cooperative and competitive and to face up to different challenges both as individuals and in groups. Throughout the year we run Intra school competitions that the children enjoy, these run along side Inter school competitions such as the ever popular Year 2 Rugby day and the Year 6 games. Our Netball team always does well in the league and they train hard every week. This year we have had so much enthusiasm for our Year 5 & 6  children that we have been able to create two teams! Our Sports Day is a chance for us to put all our skills into use and celebrate our team work. As we go through the week we try a variety of new sports, these then form the basis of our clubs the following year. Our Healthy week is designed so that the children can have exposure to new sports which they can enjoy. 

Part of our Healthy week is run by our Sports Ambassadors who plan, and teach,  a series of competitions to the children from Poppies in the pre-school up to Year 3. This part of our Sports Week has been hugely successful for the children leading as well as those competing.  

Every class from Reception to Year 6 receives two hours of curriculum PE per week, comprising of one indoor and one outdoor lesson.

Within our PE lessons we aim to:


  • Follow a sequential, developmental curriculum that progressively builds on past experiences and incorporates new experiences when children are ready.  Lessons are not simply selected randomly with no obvious connections to past and future lessons or just as a way to keep children “busy, happy or good” for 60 minutes.
  • Physical education is a moving experience.  We aim to find ways to actively engage all children in moderate to vigorous physical activity for the majority of every lesson, a minimum of 75%.
  • In addition to being actively engaged, children also need plenty of opportunities to practice the skill or concept being taught that day.  Our quality programme will provide many practice opportunities, sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner and sometimes during small sided games in groups.
  • As well as copious practice periods, we aim to plan lessons so that youngsters of all abilities have high rates of success.  When children, particularly unskilled pupils experience success, they are more likely to continue practising and working to improve than when they fail continually.
  • We try to promote successful learning experiences in a warm environment in which children are encouraged to practice new skills and improve their fitness levels without feeling embarrassed.
  • We aim to make sure all our classes as much fun as possible so that children enjoy and look forward to PE, both at primary and secondary school.
  • Our PE curriculum has been carefully considered so that children have an opportunity to practice as many skills as possible in a variety of different sports, including ones that they may not have encountered before, for example lacrosse and badminton. 

Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs

​Every term there are a number of different extra-curricular sports clubs for boys and girls to participate in.  These clubs are run by teachers and external sports coaches, these may vary depending on the term. We have asked the children to be involved in saying what clubs they would like and have worked with them to provide a varied and fun time table. Some of these clubs are supported by our Sports Mentors who help to encourage the younger members of the club in their learning. 


Change4Life Sports Club

​BACKGROUND - CHANGE4LIFE SPORTS CLUBSChange4Life Sports Clubs are a new type of extracurricular sports club, designed to increase physical activity levels in less active children in primary and secondary schools by:


  • Using multi-sport themes (primary) or alternative school sports (secondary).
  • Using the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Responding to what children want.
  • Establishing a habit of regular participation.
  • Developing a real sense of belonging.
  • Changing behaviours relating to healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health.


The clubs can give children the skills and confidence to take part in School Games opportunities at Level 1 (intra school) and Level 2 (inter school), and beyond.   This year the children have worked really hard on embracing the values of Determination, Self Belief, Courage, Friendship, Excellence, Respect and Equality. As well as embracing these, they have also been involved in a Change For Life competition with other schools which they loved. 
Our Sports Ambassadors have recently received some training with other schools in Bucks so that they can run their own Change For Life Clubs in school. They have discussed how they want to run their club and when it will happen as well as who will benefit from it the most. Below are photos from their training day. 

Sports Week 

As well as encouraging children to be active we also promote healthy eating. Part of our Healthy Week involved us having a whole school breakfast where we enjoyed a range of different fruits. As with last year, the children ate most of the fruit in the first sitting and it was all gone by break time.  ​

'I ate 12 slices of melon.' Elliott

'All of the fruit was delicious. - Emi A

'The whole week has been cracking!' - Kieran

This year we tried different sports including what it felt like to be put through our paces by an Olympic Judo athlete.  The whole school were also given the chance to learn either fencing or archery. Some of our children were also invited to take part in the District Athletics at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, it was a great evening enjoyed by all.