Halton Community Combined School

Together, our community

inspires a love of learning and

enables children to find their voice.

Meet our Teachers

Miss Robinson: Pre-School Manager

Hello, I am Miss Robinson. I have been at Halton Pre-School since it opened in 2017, I started off as the Deputy manager and have now been the Manager here for 3 years. Previously I worked in a private day nursery for 10 years, working my way up from a practitioner to the Deputy Manager.  

During my time here at Halton I have undertaken my level 6 in Early Years Education and everyday I continue to learn new and wonderful things about the children. 

I enjoy researching new and exciting activities to develop each and every child and feel that Halton Pre-School has a great ability to develop independence and confidence. 

I like to encourage the children here to find their own voice, we do this through singing, dancing, reading and acting... this is a huge passion of mine. 


I look forward to hearing from you:


Mrs Amos: Pre-School Practitioner

Hello, I am Mrs Amos. I have been here at Halton Pre-School now for 7 years, previously working in Halton school's after school club. Coming from a big family I have been around children all my life and I also have two of my own who are 9 and 14.

I am currently training to achieve my level 3 in Early Years Education, and working here has given me knowledge and confidence to reach my own personal goals. 

I really enjoy helping the children here to develop their confidence in play and making friendships. I love to support the children developing their imaginative and creative side through arts and craft, creating a masterpiece that they love to share with their peers and families. 

A huge passion of mine is the natural world, I like to develop the children's knowledge of our environment, especially when we have blue tits nesting on our Pre-School garden.

Mrs Bowden: Pre-School Practitioner

I'm Mrs Bowden, I started in Halton Pre-School this September 2023.

I have 2 children that attend Halton school, both who have also had a great start to their school journey in Halton Pre-School. 

I am a qualified primary school teacher with 12 years experience across nursery, pre-school and year 1.

I am passionate about the holistic view of a child and their learning experiences, ensuring they build strong, secure relationships within school in order to become effective learners. 

I am known for being able to sneak phonics and early mark making skills into almost any activity. 


Cover staff

Miss Eldred: Lunch-time supervisor and support staff

Ms Hogan: Lunch-time supervisor