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Remote education

We have of course experienced difficult times over the past few years and at times this has meant reverting to remote learning, in particular when positive cases of Covid have impacted on our school. As well as Covid, we have also had to revert to remote learning at times of extreme weather conditions where it as been too dangerous for our school community to attempt to enter the school site.


In the event of remote learning:

  • All children have their own account on Seesaw, our online learning platform
  • Children can ask their class teachers for their login details. This is really important as all homework is also distributed and collected via Seesaw


If the school has to revert to remote learning for one day (e.g. a snow day or other extreme weather conditions):

  • All classes will have activities uploaded to Seesaw by 9.00am. 
  • Teachers will respond to work submitted 


If the school has to revert to online learning for an extended period of time:

  • All teachers will host an online mathematics lesson and an online English lesson in the morning, starting at 9.00am. The morning will include periods of time for the children to complete any tasks set.
  • All classes will upload activities on to Seesaw for the afternoon and will include other curriculum subjects.
  • Teachers will respond to work submitted 


What support is available to us during periods of remote learning?

  • Should you need support with electronic devices, please contact the office and we will help with this.
  • For longer periods of remote learning, Laura Rawlins, our SENDCO, will contact the parents of all of our SEND children to ensure needs are being met and to allow parents to ask for help.