Halton Community Combined School

Together, our community

inspires a love of learning and

enables children to find their voice.

House System

Our Halton House System:


All of the children and adults at our school are divided into four separate houses.


Each house is named after an ex-headteacher who in our eyes was influential, loved Halton and who made a positive impact during their time at our school.

Burnham (Red)

Mr Burnham was the headteacher of Halton during the 1960s when the school was located in a different building closer to Main Point and RAF Halton. It was a very different school then, with many more pupils than we have today. At times, over 600 children attended Halton School. Mr Burnham was a very caring man who previously had worked for Buckinghamshire Council as a peripatetic headteacher. He settled in Halton until his retirement. 

Williams (Green)

David Williams was the headteacher of Halton during the 1970s and was in charge of the school when the current building was opened. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr Williams had served with RAF Bomber Command during World War 2. He was a very kind man, who cared for his staff and did not like to put pressure on them. Mr Williams was a keen sportsman and was eager for the children to take part in competitive sports of which we did rather well, particularly in swimming.

Francis (Blue)

Mr Francis was the headteacher of Halton during the 1980s and early 90s. A hands-on headteacher, he was often in the classroom teaching mathematics, not surprising as he had worked in banking prior to education. Mr Francis was another sporty headteacher who actively encouraged the children at school to compete in a wide range of sports including football, athletics and cross-country running.

Scrimshaw (Yellow)

Our most recent ex-headteacher, Mrs Scrimshaw is the reason that Halton School is as successful as it is today. Children and staff all comment on how kind and caring Mrs Scrimshaw was, and that whatever she was doing, she always had time for you and was genuinely interested in your well-being. Whilst our school values were chosen after Mrs Scrimshaw left Halton, they were chosen because these were values that she instilled in us all.



Thank you to Mrs Reed (pictured above), who along with other former members of staff helped us to decide on the names of our houses.