Halton Community Combined School

Together, our community

inspires a love of learning and

enables children to find their voice.

School Ethos and Values

Our ethos

Together, our community inspires a love of learning and enables children to find their voice.

Our aims

Our aims run through our school day and we plan for opportunities for all of our curriculum subjects to meet our aims.


However long children are pupils at Halton School, our aim is for every child:


  • To develop a love of reading
  • To acquire the skills to enjoy writing independently
  • To master the fundamental ‘building blocks’ in mathematics
  • To be ready to operate in the digital world
  • To leave Halton School having ‘found their voice



Our school values

Values guide our behaviour and our thinking; at Halton school we believe that it is important for children to see values 'in action'  in order to develop their emotional intelligence and their own set of positive social, moral and spiritual values. Each half term the whole school community focuses on one of our chosen values which is reinforced and celebrated in all areas of school life - by adults and pupils alike. Celebration of the impact of the value permeates the school and a values based vocabulary is common in every class.


Our values at Halton School:

  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Loyalty
  • Courage
The value of the half term is displayed around the school and in the classrooms.
Behaviour statement 
At Halton School we aim to develop confident, creative and respectful individuals able to act collaboratively and to make responsible choices. We aim to fulfil our responsibilities as a learning community through vibrant and effective teaching and learning, through the development of outstanding behaviour for learning, as well as behaviour around the school, and through the use of a fairly administered, well-understood system of rewards and sanctions.
Halton School pupils should be able to regulate their own behaviour, to challenge themselves to develop academically and socially and to strive for continued improvement.
We focus on values that are important to Halton pupils and use the language of values education to discuss ‘values in action’ throughout the school day. Our school values are embedded in the school’s aims and vision and should be visible to all our stakeholders.